Kick Buttowski MotoRush Game Info

Kick Buttowski is a Disney XD suburban sports daredevil who loves to race and do crazy stunts. Join him in the race of your choice and complete the course and score as many points posible. For your vehicle you can choose between a monster truck, a bike, a snowboard and a skateboard. Modify your vehicle for each course and try them all. Unlock more vehicles by earning kick points. You start with the dirt bike and you unlock the other vehicles and courses if you complete the first one. You also get points for doing bike stunts like a backflip. Use the arrow keys to move: up to accelerate, down to brake and left and right to lean back- and forward. Press the space bar to jump or stunt, and Z to use a boost

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  • kikie

    Kick Buttowski lives to ride another day again!


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